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How we did Kedarkantha Peak Trek without Hiking Company (Dec. 2017)

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Kedarkantha is a mountain peak of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. Its elevation is 3800 m. Kedarkantha is located within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district. The climb to the peak of Kedarkantha starts from a small village called as Sankri. There are a total of 13 peaks of the Himalayan range visible from the Kedarkantha peak.

This was my second time when I trekked this peak. Last time I did this in same month but unfortunately there was no snow. Therefore we four friends from Delhi made this trip in December 2017 again after first snowfall of the season.

Itinerary :-

  1. Dehradun to Sankri by Road (200 Km Approx)
  2. Sankri to Juda Ka Talab (5 Km Trek)
  3. Juda ka Talab to Base Camp (4 Km Trek)
  4. Base Camp to Kedarkantha Peak (3 Km Trek)

Day 1 :- First we reached Dehradun Railway Station nearby of which Mussoorie Bas Stand from where one can get direct bus to Sankri Village around 8 am which will drop you there around 6 pm in the evening. So we did the same and reached the sankri in the evening where we stayed in Meraki Triangle where we met Sandeep Bisht (A Nice Soul) who left his city life to live his mountain dreams and running home stay there.

Day 2:- Next morning we arranged the Tent and sleeping bags and left the village to reach Base Camp in same day which was around 9 km. We reached little late at the Base Camp in the night therefore we couldn’t be able to pitch our tent hence we arranged the camp and food from locals there only for that night.

Day 3 :- Then next morning we left for the Kedarkantha Peak in between which we also had some breakfast at the temporary dhaba just below the Peak. We reached on the Kedarkantha Peak on Christmas Eve which makes it more memorable. We came back from the peak till afternoon & took our bags to reach the dhaba which was down below the Juda ka Talab around 6km down the trail. In between we eat all the supplements we carried with us as no body was ready to serve us anything only two common dhabas served us everything one below the Juda Ka Talab and other one is above Base Camp. After tiring day of trek we finally pitched our tent near dhaba where we had our dinner in the beautiful night.

Day 4 :- Next Day Morning within 2 hrs we reached to Sankri Village returned tent & sleeping bags and had amazing powerful lunch at Thakur Guest house after which we suddenly got the direct bus to Dehradun on the main road. We reached Dehradun in the evening then back to home.

It was overall easy trek but its steep and slippery ice patches might trouble at some time. We carried at least 15 kg backpack which troubled us at some places otherwise just normal one. Its a amazing trek no doubt but commercialization and over tourism making local people more greedy, rude and insensitive which is totally pathetic. In the peak season especially near New Year time they (Local People like Raj Mohan who works with Bikat) can charge you thousands of bucks but in off season they are ready to take you there and arrange everything for just few hundreds of bucks. So use your brain, always carry supplement food, know your stamina and don’t fall for such thieves. We made this trip possible in just 4k Bucks each Delhi to Delhi.

* For Kedarkantha Peak every person needs to take the permit from entrance gate of Sanctuary where each bus stops. We arranged the tent from Thakur Guest House with some dry fruits. There were two Dhabas on the route one just before Juda Ka Talab and other is beyond Base Camp which we used for our food during the trek and pitched our camp nearby them. The food at Thakur Guest House was ultimate.

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