Kalpa, Chakka lake & Chitkul | April 2017

This is about roadtrip i.e. Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla-Narkand-Rampur Bushahr-Sarahan-Reckong Peo-Kalpa-Reckong Peo-Sangla-Batseri-Rakcham-Chitkul. We followed the above

This is about our super awesome journey to Chitkul Vallage, Last Indian Village at Indo-Tibet Border in Himachal Pradesh. While going towards Chitkul we spent a beautiful time in Kalpa which is a small very beautiful hamlet of Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh amidst the mighty Kinner Kailash Range at the altitude of 2960 m. While our time in Kalpa we went for a short Chakka Lake trek located just below Chakka Peak above the Village. The views of Kinner Kailash from Kalpa are incredible, every hour one can see different shades of snow covered mountains.

Chitkul Village is located at the altitude of 3450 m and it is the last village with the less population near Indo-Tibet Border. It is inhabited in the valley on the bank of Baspa River while surrounded with snow covered mountains. In winters this region witness huge amount snow and extreme weather for transportation.

Our Itinerary

(Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla-Narkand-Rampur Bushahr-Sarahan-Reckong Peo-Kalpa-Reckong Peo-Sangla-Batseri-Rakcham-Chitkul )- 620Km

Day 1 : – We followed the above route to cover these destinations with the help HRTC bus service which is quite convenient on this route. On first day we reached Kalpa from Delhi after continuous Bus ride till Reckong Peo. Kalpa is a 3 Km above from Reckong Peo Bus Stand with the help of mini bus. There we stayed at Totaram Ji Guest House which was small but reasonable too and after getting the accommodation we took stroll around for some food and amazing pictures of Kinner Kailash or fabulous evening. Later on it started raining also till then we reached back to our guest house and took a rest for the day.

Day 2 :- Next morning the Sunrise was mesmerizing as the sun rises from behind the Kinner Kailash Range and it was making unforgettable experience. It was a moment of life. Then we took a direct bus for 64 Km from Reckong Peo till Chitkul just before afternoon which reached in Chitkul late in the afternoon. Then we took another home stay there and went around to explore the nearby locations. First we hike up nearest mountain and had seen many breathtaking views of surround glaciers or peaks, then we went to the Baspa River. It was looking so much beautiful village as we were getting amazing pictures from every corner of the Village. It was such a photogenic village every corner showing it amazingly beautiful.

Day 3 :- Then next morning we woke up early as only one Bus from there left in the early morning and we also wanted to see sunrise of Chitkul which again made us feel awestruck. After reaching at Reckong Peo we again went upto Kalpa for a short trek of Chakka Lake. We attempted this trek but couldn’t able to find the lake by ourselves but we found this amazing experience of breathtaking views of Kinner Kailash and Chakka Peak. It was amazing and very enjoyable trek for both of us with 4G network at the top along with which we also made video call to others. After this we came back straight to Reckong Peo Bus Stand and took a evening direct bus to Delhi.

  • These are the few pics of our amazing experience from this trip.

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