Kheerganga Trek | Nov. 2016

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Khir Ganga is a meadow at 2960 m where Shiva is said to have meditated for 3000 years. The hot springs at Khir Ganga are extremely important for Hindu and Sikh pilgrims as well as many others who believe the waters have sacred healing properties. It is a 11 Km trek from Bharsheni through dense forest and water streams.

We both guys made this spontaneous trip in Nov. 2016 when I left my train after boarding just to go on this trek. Trekking is always my first priority hence I went on this. First we took overnight bus to Bhuntar from Chandigarh which dropped us early in the morning then we changed the another bus after getting fresh in Bhuntar. The bus took us till Bharsheni Village through Kasol and Manikaran Sahib in the afternoon.

Then after having lunch in Bharsheni our trek started from the Bharsheni. We crossed the Parvati River with the help of bridge near dam then it was 6 -7 hrs (11 Km) trek in which you can easily get refreshments and snacks to get energies yourself. We reached late in the evening but there was plenty of camp options at that time. So we easily found one decent camp although majority of the camps were stinky and very unhygienic. We stayed overnight in kheerganga camp site which has one Shiv Temple and a Hot Spring with religious importance.

Next day morning we went to both Temple and Hot Spring then after having breakfast we moved back to home. But I would still say that this trek is Over-hyped I think beauty of Parvati Valley is much beyond this. But it’s religious importance can’t be ignored for which I think very rare people interested. Irresponsible tourism also turning this trek into waste & nuisance land.

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