First Scooter Ride To Hatu Peak & Tani Jubbar Lake | May 2019

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My most exciting & unique weekend escape so far as it was whole covered with my ride till the Hatu Peak and Tani Jubbar Lake in May 2019. These are two beautiful and very less crowded hill station near Chandigarh. Although it was quite a spontaneous where I first reached to Shimla then decided to go further till Tani Jubber Lake. Due to this spontaneous plan we reached our camping site in the dark through a unprepared road. But next morning this little hamlet with plenty of apple orchards around showed us its offbeat beautiful morning.

  1. Chandigarh to Shimla- 110 Km
  2. Shimla to Narkanda – 65 Km
  3. Narkanda to Tani Jubbar – 12 Km
  4. Narkanda to Hatu Peak – 7 Km

# Tani Jubbar Lake :- Tani Jubbar Lake is situated at a distance of 70 Km from Shimla towards Thanedhar, Kotgarh. The place is 12 Km from Narkanda. The entire area around the lake is enclosed by a thick forest of cedar trees along with cafes which makes it a perfect destination for some picnic. There are open spaces near the lake where person can pitch their tent and spend the night under the stars. Tani Jubar lake is famous for the ‘Nag Devta’ temple, where the locals offer prayers to the serpent god. The colorful fair of Tani Jubbar is celebrated annually at Tani Jubbar Lake.


# Hatu Peak (3400Mtr) :- It is 7 Km away from Narkanda. One can reach here either by trek or by vehicle as the road goes upto the peak. On top of the hill, ancient Hatu Mata temple is located. From here one can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the Himalayas.

It stretches from the easternmost Pir Panjal ranges in the west, Shrikhand Range in the East, Kinner Kailash range of Kinnaur in the north-east, and all the way across to the peaks of the Tons and Yamuna catchment in Uttarakhand. A half hour’s walk east to the temple through an Oak forest will take you to the grassy meadows of ‘Jor Bagh’, the place is blessed with the spectacular view of Himalayas and is ideal for camping and bonfire.

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