Bike Ride to Malana Village & Manikaran | April 2019

Once upon a time, there was an adventure !

Malana is a tiny village amidst the lush green and shimmering snow-capped mountains of the Parvati valley, 3000 m altitude. Coveted as the city of the best hashish in the world, the villagers of this ancient city have been keeping several secrets to themselves. But we were much more interested in WATER FALL 2 Km ahead of Malana Village as I have been to that water fall before also and I wanted to show that to my friends.

Few Facts about this Malana Village :-

1) The Village That Grows The World’s Best Hashish

2) The ‘Don’t Touch’ Villagers

3) The Descendants Of Alexander The Great

4) The Village Of Taboos

5) Police is not allowed

6) Oldest Democracy of the world

7) The Malana Superiority Complex

Although we were not sure but to reach Malana we rented the two bikes with Petrol Separate (Rs 80/- per litre) from Kasol. Malana is 22 Km from Kasol for which one needs to enter Malana Hydro Power Project through its barricaded gate(7 Km from Kasol) on the main road in between Kasol & Jari. As we were having very old bikes and not good condition bike hence we were having trouble at multiple places of tough road.

My friend also fall for three times in between but we managed to reach there a bit of late. Then we parked our Bikes at the entrance gate and hiked up for 3 Km trek. In the morning I had a plan for going towards the Huge Water Fall beyond Malana Village but as we got late to reach Malana and we wanted to reach Kasol without falling anymore.

Therefore we turned back from Malana as it was another one hour hike from Malana and we couldn’t afford to drive in the dark. We reached back to the entrance gate, picked our Bikes and moved to Kasol. Till we reached Kasol it was almost dark then we next moved towards Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara. There we took hot water bath also and came back to Kasol returned the bikes, had our dinner. It was a long and tiring day therefore after that I fall asleep instantly.

  • These are few pics of our experience.

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