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Winters of Narkanda | Jan 2019


Narkanda is a small town in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 2708 m. It is about 65 Km away from Shimla. Its serene, beautiful and close enough to avoid all the hustle and rush of Shimla. Snow which covers all deformity in the land and makes everything uniformly beautiful | Jan 2019.

We made this trip in the winters when we decided to go there after observing snowfall next morning in Narkanda on internet which exactly happened and it become totally a fairy land after that. We spent one day there as after snowfall nothing much one could explore. We had delicious breakfast in Hotel Hatu with the view of little snowfall through our window. After that we picked our camera and walked around. It was highly beautiful and mesmerizing moment. We saw snow covered land, trees, roofs and mountains. Some people were removing snow from the front of their shops.

Other tourist were enjoying with snow & taking photographs. It was a beautiful morning with fresh snowfall during the night. We also walked till Narkanda Ski Ground where people were doing ski and tubing. It was a picturesque ground indeed and we also did tubing. After that we came back and had lunch till then roads were cleared for transport. But then weather again started turning bad therefore we decided to come back before roads again gets blocked by snow. We had some trouble initially due to road closed after snowfall but after little while it cleared and we came back safe to our home with such beautiful memory and experience.

These are few pics of our little stroll around in beautiful Morning of Narkanda Town after fresh snowfall.

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