Prashar Lake Trek | July 2016

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The Prashar lake is located at 2,730 m The three tiered Pagoda like temple nearby the lake is dedicated to sage Prashar. There is big camping ground near the lake. There is small island in the lake which changes its position. The lake has religious significance and needs to be respected according to local traditions. It had become a good trekking spot lately because of its proximity to plains as well as peaceful and breathtaking views.

We went on this beautiful trek to Prashar Lake in July 2016 with the itinerary below :-

Start: – Chandigarh to Mandi (200 Km – Overnight Bus)

Day 1:- Mandi to Baggi Village (26 Km – Bus) & Baggi Village to Prashar Lake (10 Km Trek Length)

*(Just follow the electric cable in the forest)

Day 2:- Prashar Lake to Chandigarh (Direct Cab /Taxi – 8 Hrs Approx.)

One Day Trek :- It was a monsoon season when we accomplished this trek with beautiful and amazing memories. First we took overnight Bus from Chandigarh till Mandi Bus Stand Himachal and reached Mandi in the morning. After getting fresh at Mandi Bus Stand and little breakfast we again took another bus till Baggi Village which left us at Baggi within in few hours. Baggi is a small where we purchased some refreshments for the trek. After that with little direction from locals we started our monsoon trek to Parashar Lake.

It was a time of lush green and moisture forest. It was beautiful but challenging too with hyper active insects throughout the trail which were creating very much trouble. However in the meanwhile for once we were kind of lost also as there was no one there in forest to guide us on the trek, not even any sign of right trail and the weather was also turning worse. Due to such situation there was also a thought of returned back. But somehow before turning back we heared some voices of people coming from the lake and then we got some relief. They told us to follow the cable to reach to the lake. So we did the same and reached there before the rain started in the evening.

Near the Prashar Lake we got the camp and food there with normal charges. It was a evening time in Parashar so first we went to Temple near to the lake then took the stroll for beautiful views around and majestic sunset. In the night there was continuous heavy downpour which caused temperature to fall drastically. Next day we enjoyed beautiful and awesome morning there, we again explored the nearby peaks and took some amazing pics. Then in the afternoon we moved back to home with direct cab from Prashar Lake as it is also connected with road but trekking is must have experience for once in this place. Overall it was a wonderful experience for all of us.

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