Must See Places in Tirthan Valley | Himachal Pradesh

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Tirthan Valley is another tranquil and spectacular place to enjoy with family and friends in Himachal Pradesh. It is mostly visited in Summer to experience its wide variety of flora and fauna within Great Himalayan National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the four valleys of Tirthan, Sainj, Jiwa Nal and Parvati region. This region has every beauty of Himalayas to enjoy and relax with family or friends in the pristine nature.

Although many good cottages, hotels and guest houses have grown up with the rise in numbers of tourist in this region hence it is the utmost responsibility of all to maintain the tranquility and untouched beauty of this place.

   1. Jibhi

  • A beautiful small hamlet located amidst the dense pine forests and surrounded by variegated mountains. The place is known for its Victorian style wooden cottages.
  • Best Time:- March to June 
  • Where :- 67 Km from Mandi, Himachal
  • Altitude :- 1600 m

    2. Jalori Pass

  • It is a stunning place for trekking and picnic at an altitude of 3120 m above the sea level with stunning view of the great Himalayas with Dhauladhar stretched in a line peeking from far behind.
  • Best Time :- Mid June to Mid October. Closed in Winter due to Snow 
  • Where :- 80 Km from Mandi, Himachal
  • Altitude :- 3120 m

    3. The Great Himalayan National Park 

  • a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the four valleys of Tirthan, Sainj, Jiwa Nal and Parvati region come together to form this amazingly scenic place. There are numerous villages inside the park and a trip here will not only give you a taste of natural beauty and wildlife but also the local culture of the people of remote Himachal. 
  • Activities :- True Delight for Photography, wildlife, bird watching, trekking or camping
  • Best Time :- March to June & Mid-September to November
  • Where :-  75 Km from Mandi, Himachal
  • Altitude :- 1500 to 6000 m

    4. Sirolsar Lake

  • An enchanting, serene and mystical lake. There is no motorable road leading to it and one must walk all the way. It’s located in the middle of the jungle with its clear and still waters with an awesome vibe around. 
  • Best Time :- Except Winters and Monsoon
  • Where :- about 5 Km trek from Jalori Pass top
  • Altitude :- 3100 m

    5. Banjar

  • Banjar Valley offers peaceful walks to tranquil villages. From Banjar, the road bifurcates—one road goes to Tirthan Valley and the other to Jibhi and Jalori Pass. 
  • Best Time :- March to June
  • Where :- 60 Km from Mandi, Himachal
  • Altitude :- 1356 m

    6. Chhoie Waterfall  

  • Also known as Sai Ropa / Gaidhar Waterfall, It is a beautiful waterfall that is hardly known and hidden deep in the forests but is stunningly beautiful. The level of the water however entirely depends on the season. 
  • Best Time :- March to June
  • Where :- 30-45 min. walk from Gaidhar Village

    7. Gushaini

  • Gushaini is a quaint, quiet option that’s often lost behind the fanfare of Shimla and Manali. A perfect place to unwind this summer. It was a trip wherein he could relax and rejuvenate with a dab of adventure and quality family time.
  • Best Time :- Except Monsoon
  • Where :- 68 Km from Mandi, Himachal

    8. Raghupur Fort

  • From Sirolsar Lake it’s a very easy trail through dense oke forest towards Raghupur, a gradual uphill and downhill trail will take you to a very scenic Raghupur. From the top of the Fort (old ruins) you can have a 360*view of the entire Kullu and Mandi region.
  • Best Time :- March to June
  • Where :- around 3 Km trek from Jalori Pass

    9. Chehni Kothi

  • It is a small village known for its huge tower-like structure that is believed to have been built in the 17th century. This is one of the tallest structures built in the traditional local architecture in the entire Himachal.
  • Best Time :- March to June
  • Where :- Drive 3 Km from Banjar towards Jibhi
  • Altitude :- 2145 m

    10. Sojha

  • Shoja is a breathtakingly beautiful place. One can just stroll around, walk up to the meadows or perhaps take the pathway into the jungle. Nature lovers can enjoy thickly wooded hill slopes starting from the bottom as far down or up or sideways or deep as one can look.
  • Best Time :- April- October
  • Where :- 75 Km from Mandi, Himachal
  • Altitude :- 2600 m

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