Patalsu Peak Trek | Manali | May 2018

The man who goes alone can start today; but who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.

The Patalsu Peak is situated in Solang Valley at the altitude of 4220 m. One can reach here with the trek of 9 Km from Solang Village which is 14 Km from Manali. Patalsu Peak offers the spectacular 360 view of all the highest and notable peaks of Manali. It can be accomplished within a day if starts early in the morning from solang. It is easy but entirely very steep trek and do take precautions with weather and altitude sickness.

One Day Trek : – We were three friends decided to do Patalsu Peak Trek at the Height of 4220 m in Manali within a weekend. Hence, on Friday, we took a overnight bus from Delhi and reached in Manali early in the morning. Although we wanted to reach Manali around 5 am but somehow we got late and reached there at around 7.30 am and after getting fresh and having some good breakfast at Solang Valley (14 Km away from Manali), started our 9 Km trek for Patalsu Peak at 9.30 am. It was a complete steep trek and highly daunting as we were also doing it on a same day after reaching Manali without getting adjusted with mountains but we had a shortage of time.

We were hopeful for reaching the Peak but it was weather which was a cause of concern for all of us as Google was showing a narrow window of clear weather till afternoon after that it was showing storm in that area. We also witnessed little drizzle in the half of the distance and we got our rain coats out but it got stopped. Thankfully we did not gave up and kept moving to the peak. As we were moving upwards it was getting tough due altitude but views were also getting more awesome. We knew that we started little late as it took around 10 hrs to do up and down in Patalsu Peak Trek but we were already near 4 pm and weather again started worsening.

Hence we had to make the hard choice to turned back from there although we were right below and close to the peak but it is still at least 1 hr away which could have been risky for all of us. As we started moving towards Solang village the clouds were getting dark and storm was approaching to us. But luckily we managed to reach Solang valley on time and after sitting at dhaba it started heavily rain. We wanted to reach to Manali that evening but due to rain we couldn’t able to reach and had to take shelter in Solang Valley.


  • Never miss this fabulous trek near Manali
  • No need to have guide for regular trekkers
  • 10 Hrs up and down trek, Start little early 5 am from Solang Village
  • Take precaution with weather and adjust yourself with mountains first to avoid AMS
  • It offers a 360 View of entire Valley of Manali with all the notable peaks around.
  • So this is the ultimate trek of Manali.

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Thank You – Wish you a happy and safe hikking !

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