Top 8 Must Visit Places of Kasol (The Different Bucket List)

Have you been to these Top 8 must visit places of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh which shows completely different side of this beautiful Himalayan Town? Kasol is a known as Mini Israel of India because of large number of Israeli or foreign tourist comes and lives here. This beautiful hill station situated on the bank of Parvati River & one of  most happening places for backpackers in the entire Himachal for many reasons. But if you really want to enjoy the true beauty of this entire Parvati Valley then you have plenty of places to explore or things to do in this region. This is our compilation of some of the best places in Parvati Valley or Near Kasol to make your journey more memorable.

1. Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek
  • A beautiful trek with a rejuvenating hot spring in the end .
  • Altitude :- 2960 m
  • Trek Length :- 11 Km from Barshaini 
  • Road Distance :-  16 Km from Kasol to Barshaini

2. Tosh Village

Tosh Village
  • A beautiful village surrounded with snow capped mountains.
  • Altitude :- 2400 m
  • Road Distance :-  20 Km from Kasol

3. Malana Village

Malana Village
  • A beautiful village of taboos following its touch us not policy and oldest separate democracy with the best hashish producer in the world called Malana cream.
  • Altitude :- 3000 m
  • Trek Length :- 3 Km from Malana Gate
  • Road Distance :-  22 Km from Kasol to Malana Gate

4. Chanderkhani Pass

Chanderkhani Pass
  • A most beautiful and serene pass connecting Malana to Naggar, Manali.
  • Altitude :- 3660 m
  • Trek Length :- 6 Km from Malana Gate
  • Road Distance :-  22 Km from Kasol to Malana Gate

5. Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib
  • A beautiful Gurudwara amidst the mountainous beauty with hot springs.
  • Altitude :- 1760 m
  • Road Distance :-  3.6 Km from Kasol

6. Pulga Village

Pulga Village
  • An offbeat destination as the prettiest and charming little village.
  • Altitude :- 2123 m
  • Trek Length :- 3 Km from Barshaini
  • Road Distance :-  16 Km from Kasol to Barshaini 

7. Waichin Valley

Waichin Valley or Magic Valley
  • Most amazing campsite with ultimate views of the snow-peaked mountains, pristine waterfalls & patches of pine trees all around. Also Known as Magic Valley.
  • Altitude :- 2754 m
  • Trek Length :- 3 Km from Malana Gate
  • Road Distance:-22 Km from Kasol to Malana Gate

8. Rasol Village

Rasol Village
  • One of the most unexplored and beautiful villages in Parvati valley.
  • Altitude :- 3048 m
  • Trek Length :- 5 Km from Kasol

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