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Siachen Glacier Open for Tourist


Siachen Glacier opens for tourists by the Indian Army to make people understand the struggles of soldiers or their life at the highest battlefield of the world and give them a chance of living the once in a lifetime adventure. The Siachen Glacier is situated at a height of nearly 24,000 feet in the Ladakh Himalayas, at a proximity to the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. 

Siachen is the second largest non-polar glacier in the world but with a delicate ecosystem and extreme weather which causes loss of life of soldiers more than anything else. The weather remains extremely cold here, with temperatures dropping below -50 degree celsius.

The oxygen level is only about 10 % of the plains. It has been decided to open 60 Km trek from Siachen Base camp to Kumar post at 16000 feet to the civilians with permits issued by Indian Army. It usually occur during August & September, so far non locals are not allowed to go beyond 40 Km radius of Leh.

It is a nine-day return trek with extreme conditions but once in a lifetime opportunity for those who can endure extreme adventure. Next time you might add it to your extreme wish list and plan for it.

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