Why Panchachuli Peaks so special ?

This is about a beautiful place called Panchachuli Glacier Base Camp in Dugtu Village, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand and things everyone should know about this incredible remote Himalayan place.  In the end it is the one most awestruck place of Himalayas where one could visit very huge and massif Panchachuli Glacier Peaks with just a short hike of 3 Km from a remote and small village of Himalayas known as Dugtu. It is a high altitude region so make your plan accordingly for the future. 

Things to know about this incredible place :-

#1. Panchachuli Peaks are five snow capped Himalayan peaks lying in the Eastern Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand in Darma Valley of Pithoragarh District.

#2. Panchachuli-1 (6355 m), Panchachuli-2 (6904 m), Panchachuli-3 (6312 m), Panchachuli-4 (6334 m), Panchachuli-5 (6437 m).

#3. These peaks are also believed to be the place where Pandavas from epic Mahabharat took their last meal before proceeding towards heavenly abode.

#4. Panchachuli Peaks Base Camp is easily accessible by a two day road trip from Kathgodam Railway Station with overnight halt at Dharchula.

#5. Panchachuli Peaks Base Camp is a magnificent place with awestruck views of massif glacier peaks and experience of nearby an ancient village known as Dhugtu.

#6. At 73 Km away from Dharchula, Dugtu Village has 50 houses with few hundred villagers.

#7. It is a high altitude region where one can feel every heartbeat with each step towards Panchachuli Base Camp from Dugtu with amazing landscape and Himalayan breeze which make it a magnificent experience.

#8. In winter this place becomes inaccessible and uninhabitable hence people move to the lower altitude. 

#9. The best season to visit Panchachuli Base Camp – April to October except monsoon.

#10. Don’t forget to experience the most amazing sunrise and sunset there.

Our Itinerary :

Day 1 :- Kathgodam to Dharchula by Cab @ Rs 2400/- ( 290 Km -11Hrs Approx)

Day 2 :- Dharchula to Dhugtu Village to Dharchula by Cab @ Rs 4500/-  (73 Km- 4 hrs Approx-One Side)

Day 3 :- Dharchula to Kathgodam

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  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such impressive mountain views! I would love to visit Himalayas one day but have to wait until it’s safe to do so. Thanks for sharing and inspiring 😀 Aiva

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