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Saach Pass | Pangi Valley | Himachal Pradesh | Oct 2020


It is about 1100 Km drive through one of the most dangerous roads in the world and less known remote villages with no roads or connectivity. Although it is truly impossible to completely justify the beauty of mountains and the moment with the help of any pictures or videos but it’s our utmost happiness to share every beautiful moments we found in the mountains again after such a long gap due pandemic.

We followed :- Chandigarh – Dharamsala – Dalhousie- Saach Pass- Killar- Udaipur- Keylong -Manali- Chandigarh

DAY 1:- Chandigarh to Dharmasala (240 KM)
DAY 2 :- Dharamshala to McLoed Ganj (5 Km) & McLoed Ganj to Dalhousie (125 Km)
DAY 3 : – Dalhousie to Sach Pass (150 Km) & Sach Pass to Killar (40 Km)
DAY 4 :- Killar to Manali (185 Km) via Udaipur & Atal Rohtang Tunal
Overnight : – Manali to Chandigarh (300 Km)

We are also glad to share the information about our 1100 Km road trip across one of the most deadliest road in the Himalayas and most remote or less explored Pangi Valley which has no roads or connectivity but have people with beautiful & kind heart. We found ourselves truly blessed to experience this incredible journey of less known corner of Himalayas.

Saach Pass (4500 m) :- It is the main highlight of our 5 days long road trip as it is said to deadliest road in the Himalayas. But we found it peaceful and calm due to sunny and calm weather of October in the mountains. Though it was a challenging terrain with no prior experience of such driving but we made it to the top with no big trouble. In winters it totally becomes cut off due to excessive snow fall and remain inaccessible for almost six months.

Pangi Valley :- It is most important, remote and less known region of Himalayas which is still very far away from commercialization. It is poorly developed region with no roads or network but we found people here with rich culture and smile of contentment. They always have something to offer you with their tribal culture and compassion. It has plenty of small villages which deserves longer duration of stay and exploration particularly for this region. We hope next time we would be able to explore and understand more about this untouched beautiful valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Rest in the entire road trip we enjoyed changing landscapes of mountains, food, apples, small villages, rivers, waterfalls, forest, sunrises and sunsets. It’s the feeling of being in the mountains after so long that never let us tired throughout the journey.

For any other information regarding this trip ask us anytime.

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