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Why Auli is the Best Winter Destination.


With our recent journey into the Himalayas, we found another winter paradise of Uttarakhand known to us as Auli. In respect of the Best Winter Destination in mountains, we found Auli more awesome and memorable than we imagined. Basically, transport, food and accommodation is the main concern of every traveler and Auli gives it all perfect with outstanding experience of the Himalayas. We hope information below will help you out to plan your perfect snowy winter trip of mountains.

#1 Auli is one of the most beautiful hill station & white winter wonderland of Uttarakhand. It is located near Joshimath, Chamoli, Uttarakhand at the altitude of 2909 mtrs.  

#2 Auli is well connected to Main Road in Joshimath via Cable Car. Hence, no hassle of getting stuck anywhere in snow.   

#3 Auli has two cable rides – one from Joshimath to Auli which is known as Joshimath-Auli Gondola and second one is a chair ride from GMVN to Auli. 

#4 Cable Car covers the Slope of 3.96 Km with 4.15 Km track distance at 3 m/sec

#5 It has total 10 towers and make the ascent of 1110 mtrs from 1906 mtrs to 3016 mtrs

#6 It starts around 9.15 am in the morning in winters and takes 22 minutes (min) for travel time. 

#7 Auli is well known for its Ski resorts, Ski slopes and Ski events that are organised every winter.

#8 Auli has plenty of natural beauty and facilities for all to enjoy with family and friends with the ease of comfort.

#9 Take a deep breath and capture breathtaking sceneries of the entire Himalayas around.

#10 Enjoy the Mesmerising Sunset and Sunrise.

#11 Get your iconic pictures with your loved ones in this White Winter Wonderland.

#12 Explore the little adventure in you with the short hike (3 Km) to Gorson Bugyal and blessed yourself with the magical snowy offbeat winter trail.

So if anyone is looking for a perfect winter destination for their loved ones then Auli, Joshimath, Chamoli, Uttarakhand is a must visit place of the Himalayas for a memorable experience.

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