Dayara Bugyal Trek- OCT 2021

Dayara Bugyal is a alpine meadows in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand surrounded with Majestic Himalayas.

Dayara Bugyal is a land of lush green alpine meadows, located at the altitude of 3640 m in the Uttarakashi district of Uttarakhand. One can reach here by 10 Km approx trek from Raithal Village which is around 40 Km from Uttarakashi and Uttarkashi can be reached by Bus or taxi from Dehradun (145 KM) or Haridwar (190 KM)  which are connected by train across the country. 

We went on this trek in the month of October 2021 where we had to carry covid negative reports or vaccine certificates with us to avoid any hustle. It was a wonderful weather and we were enjoying our bus ride along the river Ganga as we left Dehradun early morning to Uttarkashi. In the middle, we also witnessed the beauty of the Magnificent Tehri Dam and the entire valley. 

Around 12.30 PM we reached Uttarakashi where we had our lunch & hardly took our further taxi to Raithal Village. It took almost one hour to find a taxi as it was a day for all the taxi owners due to a large number of marriages in the local area and demand was high for taxis. Next, we reached approx 3 pm at Raithal Village and we were welcomed by a warm gesture from our homestay booked which was owned by two brothers Naveen & Preeven. Raithal is a charming and beautiful village with great hospitality & super amazing view of the entire valley. In the evening the weather got colder and we went into our beds after having homely cooked dinner.

The next day morning we got ready for the trek and had our delicious breakfast with amazing view and weather. We started our trek around 8.30 am after getting packed with all the necessary items in the bag. Although it is considered to be an easy trek but in the mountains, weather can make anything worst so packed accordingly. Next our guide Praveen got all the permission for us from the forest office at the entry gate then we left the village and started to enter into the dense forest which was rich in variety and stunning. Due to the dense forest, we were walking completely in the shadow otherwise sun was too hot and harsh for trekking. 

After walking for a few hours we realized that it is not going to be such an easy trek as it was continuously going steep in steps which was making it tougher with the backpacks also. But the mountains and views always take away all struggle and fill you up with the energy and enthusiasm in the body which is a basic need for trekking and enjoying the mountains. We also had multiple water streams in the middle where we used to fill up our water bottles and took our stopovers. 

After a few hours, we reached Gui in the makeshift food joint where we had our Maggie as lunch as no other options were there available. Beyond this, it was left with a few more kilometers and we reached Dayara Bugyal entry (Before) at 4 pm where we had our evening tea as the weather was cold there with the chilled winds. In the evening it was getting reddish sunlight upon all the towering peaks around us with the magnificent Mt. Banderpoonch and we were just stunned or amazed by the beauty of the mountains around us. Therefore we took out all our cameras to capture those beautiful moments and also enjoy them in the meanwhile. We sat for a while outside before going into the temporary shed to take rest. After taking our dinner, enough photos, and doing enough photoshoot we slept that night with the hope of clear weather the next day. 

But suddenly it all started to turnover due to bad weather and till morning everything was covered under clouds and we were not getting able to see any mountain. Nobody else was woken up till then except us around 6 am and we decided to take a morning stroll over Dayara Bugyal. We might have walked upto one hour to reach Dayara Top and took power-nap with the eternal peace of the mountain to found the bliss of our existence. 

After staying for one hour at the top and talking about the life we came down as rain also started to become visible nearby. By the time we reached shelter rain was pouring and we decided to go further down as the Red Alert was declared by the State Govt. throughout Uttarakhand for the next three days with flash floods. Therefore we didn’t wait for too long and walked towards Raithal Village. We got our rain covers out and walked upto around 4 hours to reach Raithal Village where we took a rest for the day after having lunch and dinner. Due to the continuous rain, the environment was already gotten colder and more uncomfortable. 

Now next morning we hardly found one taxi for Uttarakashi Taxi Stand from the village, thanks to the both brothers and their amazing hospitality. In Uttarkashi taxi stand somehow we further found one taxi for Dehradun as it was raining heavily so no one was ready to take us except one. The taxi driver was also a happy soul and nice driver as he was not seemed too much worried due to rain or landslides during whereas he found a nice place to have our lunch in the middle. We reached in the evening at around 5 PM at Dehradun.

So overall it was a wonderful and adventurous experience with the sweetest people .of Uttarakhand.

Thank you so much people who made this trip possible.

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